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Thread: Did I kill my P2140 ?

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    Did I kill my P2140 ?

    I had set up my P2140 for config 2. Was getting the primary and sec voltage ( 18.5 and 12)
    Then I went to change to config 1 and get 12 V for primary and 5V for secondary.
    I may have replaced the jumper incorrectly - meaning covering top and bottom pin in two rows for JP4

    Now, nothing lights up - I did see 5V for secondary output, but nothing for primary output.

    I cannot communicate with it via USB and xp software, so I cannot load firmware


    Buy another ?

    Mike on Sailing Vessel Dadidoc

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    Little Help !

    Need to buy another today and was hoping SOMEONE would weigh in here with forensic background and let me know if I need to buy another unit.

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