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Thread: Flickering screens

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    Flickering screens

    In the front-end I have written, each form (eg. CD player, FM Tuner etc.) is simply a JPG image and a load of transparent panels over the buttons, Play, pause etc.

    Everything works fine apart from when a form is 'shown' the transparent panels flicker as the form appears.

    How can I stop the flicker, is is because of using transparent panels. Therefore is it a case of changing all the panels into picture boxes and loading each picture box with the relevent part of the JPG?

    What do other front-ends do?

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    Hi portreathbeach,

    I do not know what programming language but I did a search of and found the code I was using. It uses api's to paint stuff.

    Check it out I am sure it will help you.

    With kind regards,

    FG van Zeelst
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    Nice, thanks for that.

    I'm not bothering with transparent picture or panels now. I just detect what co-ordinates of the form are clicked and work out what 'button' that represents.

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