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Thread: How can I read ID3 tags in MP3 files?

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    I am writing my apps in native C++ along with WinCE APIs.
    The problem is this:
    The Taglib# for windows only provides binary as a dll ( without any header files), so i can't just use the functions provided in the dll. I need to provide all the class definitions etc.

    And C# source code doesn't help me either as i don't know C#.
    Is there any other album art extraction library that works for C++?


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    taglib sharp is for c# only.

    First link on the taglib website is their c source:

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    Mp3 Tags are a complete pain in the arse to code against, everything is against an informal standard, Multiple versions, each mp3 file may consist of v1 tags and v2.x tags, contain padding, text can be encoded in multple ways (ASCII, Unicode etc...) oh what fun.

    Finished my mp3 processing software a little while back. But not sure if i want to expose my source to the world just yet.

    One suggestion is run your mp3's collection thorugh a cleanup program, plenty out there and ensure they are using the version that your software supports.

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    Taglib works wonderfully against pretty much any tag you run across. I highly recommend it, I have yet to come across a tag it cannot read. It also supports album art.
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