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Thread: revisiting Java as a front-end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maheriano View Post
    I already wrote a Java front end, I got the media player working and skinned when I finally realized what a nightmare it was working with the Java Media Framework. SUN hasn't updated it since 1999, it just abandoned it and left it to die. It's unfinished and not mature enough to handle the demands of a front end media application.
    Freedom for Media in Java (FMJ) is the alternative to this project, as JMF was released as Open Source shortly after the project withered and died a painful death back in '99.

    The URL can be found here:

    I was using Qt Jambi for a front-end and I found it to be extremely useful. I have since purchased a motherboard with an Atom N330 CPU on it (for the dual core power) and an ION media chip, so this makes video performance scream.

    I may start up another project for the Front-End work in the application using Qt Jambi. If anyone is interested in helping out, I'd be very happy. I'm also planning on using a framework to make a home media center, as I have 4 hard drives on my network and would love to watch some streaming movies on my big screen TV.

    Because of the licensing fees for Qt Jambi, I'm going to keep the application free and open source. The UI layout will be similar to that of the iPhone, with a few key changes to make navigation by touch and remote better.

    If anyone's interested, please reply here, or PM me.

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    I, too, do a good bit of programming in Java and would love to help if you're going to work on this. I like how easy it is to make applications cross-platform. I'd also have to disagree that Java is slow and say that it really depends on how the application is programmed.
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    i am a java developer and have been interested on building one myself.
    i have been making a framework to nissan consult protocol because that is my what my car uses.
    if you guys need help. send me a message froes1982 at

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