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Thread: C++ tutorials

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    C++ tutorials

    Well, maybe I have too much free time, but I'm thinking about learning a programming language. I'm looking for some books/online tutorials on C++, just because I am fascinating with it. I want to be able to write plugins and small routines for me, eventually, working drivers for peripherals to make them work right! (one can dream, LOL).

    Why C++? I think it's a cool language to learn the basics, that can lead to learning other languages perhaps. I also considered .net, but I heard it's slow and old (but C++ is older, right?), (slow)Java, but I don't think they're powerful enough.

    I've also programmed assembler (and Basic) in the 80 (I was a teenager then, I'm 38 now!), but that doesn't count. I've taught mathematical logic early in my career but that was in my 20's and my brain cells were fine - the drugs and booze didn't affect me much...They say if you haven't published something outstanding before 30's you're done in logic ------- and they were right!! So I'm not scared of symbols, as long as they have a well defined, consistent structure etc., I like them really!

    I like this one, for starters:

    Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
    by Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo

    Of course I'm going to need much more, and I'll also look at some online tutorials (hard to find a fairly new one that well rated) can be overwhelming sometimes.

    I also hope compilers have evolved from the 80's...I used to hate those things, I could write code faster than the buggy mess they produced. I have no plans to use Unix either.

    Any suggestions?

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    I'll let others chime in here-just some quick info:

    .net (first released 2002, last released 4 months ago)
    C# being the most common of the .net languages was based on a combination of c++ and java
    java (first released 1996, last released 2 months ago)
    c++ (first released 1983, standardized 1998)

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    Then maybe I have too much time also.........not! I'm likewise intrigued and interested in learning this language too!

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