Goodmorning all, i'm working with my car and software project since 4/5 months; i'm trying to make a software that manage all the multimedial functions but i'm in a dead end with an IMPORTANT step that i'm going to explain:

I've downloaded and talked with the maker of a tool for windows 7 that enable a function called "Dreamscene", this function will make the possibility to set a video as desktop background adding an elementh on context menu called "Set as DreamScene" for .wmv and .mpg videos.
What i would like to do is doing this with a script in vbscript or command in dos or powershell; is REALLY IMPORTANT is the hearth of my project to make the background animated.

The tool is the following is called "DreamScene activator" and is FREE here is a public link where you can find the details and download for the tool,

If someone could give me any help would be apreciated.
Untill now i've find out that:
1. The tool copy 2 files. One is DreamScene.dll inside Windows/System32, the second is DreamScene.dll.mui inside Windows/System32/en-US
2. The tool copy much reg keys inside the registry but i can't understand much from them
3. I've maked a little tool that list all the "verbs" inside the context menu, and the one used from the tool isn't in the list; this is the code:
et ShellApp = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = ShellApp.Namespace("C:\")
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName("prova2.wmv")
For Each verb in objFolderItem.Verbs
'objFolder = folder where the test file is
'objFolderItem = the test file

Ps: hope this is the right section