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Thread: build control in 2005

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    You bring up some very good points. However, I never said there is a reason to not use existing libraries. You seem to think that .NET is the only thing with standard classes. Your wrong, the STL has been around for a very long time and Qt also features TONS of classes to make programming simpler. From strings to vectors to hashes and even directories and filestreams.

    Nobody wants to rewrite code. .NET is not the first thing to consider this. I think OO encourages this in general. I agree that C is not good for massive projects, that is why I only use it when I need to do driver programming etc.. A programmer using C++ and the many supported standard / open source libraries can finish a program just as fast as someone using .NET. Besides, someone has to be there to implement technologies like .NET. I guarantee you that .NET was not implemented in VB.

    Quote Originally Posted by IntellaWorks
    Eventually, our job isn't going to be sitting at a keyboard typing functions or building classes. We're going to be speaking to a computer in english (or whatever your primary language is) telling it that at 5PM you want it to complete backups on these workstations if they've been idle for more than 15 minutes....
    I assume you can predict the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IntellaWorks
    A property is one to one. Meaning, if you created a custom property as a part of a control, that control will have the ability to edit/change/modify your property.


    Dim my_control as new MyControl
    Dim my_control2 as new MyControl
    my_control.MyProperty = 1
    my_control2.Myproperty = 2
    msgbox my_control.myproperty & vbcrlf & my_control2.myproperty
    So basically here you created two controls and used the property you created within each control. You may want to explain what your trying to acomplish that way we can give you better explanations.

    As I read it, it sounded like you have some values you want stored within a class. My question is: is the number of values you need stored a known number? Do you have 6 numbers that you need stored or do you not know how many numbers will be stored ?
    @IntellaWorks: thanks for replying once again. Yes there are about 8 numbers to be stored. I do not know the number exactly it will be probably different, but i know it will be 8 numbers and no more. If there is no update for a specific variable i guess it can be zero.
    i will try today what you wrote and i will tell u soon.
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    You can also use a collection (check out .Net's collection base class) It works almost like a listbox.

    Only problem with that is it wouldn't be a control unless you made it part of the control...
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    OK, VB is not just a drag-and-drop sandbox. You really need to take another look, and maybe not through a 2 week course this time.

    In VS 2005 (it's not VS .Net 2005), create a new Class Library. This is, effectively, a control.

    Then go into the Project Properties and in the Compile section, choose "Register for COM interop"

    Now go to the Class .vb file. In its Properties you should have two attributes listed: COM Class and COM Visible. Set both of these to True.

    Then do some test stuff, compile it, and see if you can get to it from VB6 :-)

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    EDIT: Argh sorry for bringing a dead thread up.

    Quote Originally Posted by IntellaWorks
    Oh yea, VB is a real programming language if you don't use it then don't comment on it. In the past VB was a "hobbiest language" now its very powerful. I'm so sick of poeple being stuck in thier safe little C/C++ bubbles, thinking no programming language can beat it. Here's a word of advice: .Net 2005 changes that my friend so jump on the bus or be one of the few left behind.... Learn to like vb or c# (afterall they created C# for you guys in the bubble to be able to easily migrate over to a VB like, managed, language)
    This is so off base. Languages and environments have different aspects and features. It's not "mine's better than yours" in some absolute sense - there's pros and cons and some are better for projects/problems than others.

    He's mostly referring that often I see too with coders that have only learned in managed languages, is they have no true concept of what goes on beyond that API call to their built in libraries. They often have no concept of memory management (never had to do it), algorithm optimization, like pro's & cons of sorting algorithms, linked lists vs arrays, or how any really complex data structure works.. In short, basically lower level languages are a superset of knowledge of managed languages.

    I have developed a lot in C/C++. I also love C# & Java. Managed languages offer you the ease of thinking of a problem in the problem domain not the solution domain. You don't have to worry about "So do I free this chunk of memory in my callback or does the caller free it?" or other things like that - just focus on the solution. C/C++ has the nice ability to be able your code operates at a much more in depth level, and the power to tweak it for optimizations and such. Games & processor intense applications will always been written in non-managed languages.

    BTW - C# was created in response to Java - the extremly well designed cross platform managed language with powerful libraries that was becoming very popular. VB has alot of cruftyness that Java/C# doesn't.

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