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Thread: Lexus Navigation Emulator

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexusEngineer View Post
    Okay guys, I have a challenge for all of you coders out there. I work for Lexus somewhere here in the USA. I have to stay fairly anonymous as this is definately not something the company would look well upon. But I would like to see if anyone here could emulate the firmware of a Lexus navigation system. The system is a touchscreen based system with map data and some program data stored on a DVD. These DVD's are fairly easy to find on EBAY, I have some that I may be able to send out to the right person, although I would prefer not to as all are marked by corporate as confidential, and I'm trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. Either way, if a good coder can get his hands on one of our map discs, I believe you should be able to come up with an emulator of our front-end, with any improvments you wish, that would be skinnable and offer all of the other great open-source benefits, yet could use the map data and updates off of our DVD's.

    I believe we have one of the greatest navigation systems offered from a manufacturer, however we do have many, many limitations. The Legal department definately cuts us off all too often....most every fun new feature we try to add is vetoed by legal. So I think it would be great to see a coder make a new version of our front-end that could be modified to perform as it should, without legal interference.

    Anyone who thinks they are up to the challenge, get back to me. I will be glad to offer as much help and coding hints as possible. I will try to slip as much info as I can to ya, just get to know me a little to let me feel comfortable that I can pass on information in confidence.

    Can you help me changing MPG to km/h and temperature F to Celsius? (RX400h)

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