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Thread: Lexus Navigation Emulator

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    Lexus Navigation Emulator

    Okay guys, I have a challenge for all of you coders out there. I work for Lexus somewhere here in the USA. I have to stay fairly anonymous as this is definately not something the company would look well upon. But I would like to see if anyone here could emulate the firmware of a Lexus navigation system. The system is a touchscreen based system with map data and some program data stored on a DVD. These DVD's are fairly easy to find on EBAY, I have some that I may be able to send out to the right person, although I would prefer not to as all are marked by corporate as confidential, and I'm trying to stay out of trouble as much as possible. Either way, if a good coder can get his hands on one of our map discs, I believe you should be able to come up with an emulator of our front-end, with any improvments you wish, that would be skinnable and offer all of the other great open-source benefits, yet could use the map data and updates off of our DVD's.

    I believe we have one of the greatest navigation systems offered from a manufacturer, however we do have many, many limitations. The Legal department definately cuts us off all too often....most every fun new feature we try to add is vetoed by legal. So I think it would be great to see a coder make a new version of our front-end that could be modified to perform as it should, without legal interference.

    Anyone who thinks they are up to the challenge, get back to me. I will be glad to offer as much help and coding hints as possible. I will try to slip as much info as I can to ya, just get to know me a little to let me feel comfortable that I can pass on information in confidence.


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    This would be cool, but it would help if you said what kind of encryption is used on the disks, what kind of processor it runs on, etc

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    It has been talked before. There are people who own Lexus with Nav and try to hack/decript the POI database to import to other apps. To this day, there is no luck yet.
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    This guy seems to be putting this on a plate for us and no one has bitten his arm off yet

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    It would be fantastic to have some software emulate it. I also believe the Lexus/Toyota nav interface is nicely done. And there are so many POIs on that map dvd. Hopefully once decoded the maps follow some sort of standard....
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    i wonder what the validity of this guy is...seems like just another forum member that badly wants the lexus nav as well, and is trying to get us to attempt even harder....or maybe he's legit, doesn't really matter as long as he can give us good info...i'm all for this.

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    If I had some coding ability I would be all over this...

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    Seriously, I doubt a lexus engineer would be on here saying such things...

    further, I doubt that he would think "if you get the map cd on ebay you will be able to emulate the frontend".... wouldnt the frontend be in the firmware, hardware dependant and on some sort of eprom? I doubt the lexus nav systems loads wholly from DVD, or does it?

    Not engineerly written imho

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I think that userid is a little over the top.... wonder if "rocketscientist" is taken yet

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    i will admit i read this too and was like, oh F*** that, that cant be legit then out of curiosity i looked to ebay and found it first try searching...

    click and see for yourself, maybe it is do-able.... who knows

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