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Thread: XM and VB help

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    XM and VB help

    Ok, all you vb peeps that are writing XM modules into your frontends can prolly help me with this.

    How are you guys getting the channel lists from the unit itself? As it stands now, i have to manually tell it what channels are available (in a hidden listbox) and i'm limited to those channels. Id like to be able to do the same thing as their web player and have the table with the genre, channel number/title, and artist/songtitle.

    I'm using the class file that Erorus wrote. Should i be using something different?


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    XM Channels

    Are you using the FrodoXM software from

    That has a sample project where it builds a list of channels it is receiving from the tuner. Which includes the ch#, ch name, song, artist, genre.

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