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Thread: GPS help please

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    GPS help please

    Hi, i have this file :

    And with that source of reading out the gps (written in VB6) I would like to measure the acceleration of the car, the usage of fuel ( by entering minimum, maximum and averige usage before first use) Range of kilometers left with the fuel, .....

    You know, but the problem i have, vb is a long time ago for me and i don't know why i cannot make a good program.

    Normally the program here will work, but the real good functions are not added yet.

    When i ad them, i have a problem, it tells me that the MSCOMM port gives an error .....

    Can a coder help me or code it for me

    Thank you

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    for to find which is the error, you can try to use the code:

    In Oncom event.



    Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()
    On Error Resume Next
    Select Case MSComm1.CommEvent
    ' Error
    Case comEventBreak ' Ricevuto un segnale di interruzione.
    Case comEventFrame ' Errore di frame.
    Case comEventOverrun ' Perdita di dati.
    Case comEventRxOver ' Overflow buffer di ricezione.
    Case comEventRxParity ' Errore di paritÓ.
    Case comEventTxFull ' Buffer di trasmissione pieno.
    Case comEventDCB ' Errore imprevisto durante il recupero di DCB.
    ' Events
    Case comEvCD ' Modifica della linea CD.
    Case comEvCTS ' Modifica della linea CTS.
    Case comEvDSR ' Modifica della linea DSR.
    Case comEvRing ' Modifica dell'indicatore del segnale telefonico.
    Case comEvReceive ' Ricevuto il numero di caratteri RThreshold.

    Case comEvSend ' Il buffer di trasmissione include il numero di caratteri specificato da SThreshold.
    Case comEvEOF ' ╚ stato trovato un carattere EOF nel flusso di input.
    End Select
    end sub

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