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Thread: Anyone have 2003 and 2005?

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    Anyone have 2003 and 2005?

    Hello, I am taking a "Visual Programming" class at my university. It is a beginner's course and I am just going back to take the class since I skipped it earlier in my college career. I have a programming assignment due on Friday but it must be a VS.Net 2003 project. I am on vacation and only have my laptop (which runs VS.Net 2005). Microsoft is *****ing retarded and don't have a 2005 to 2003 solution/project exporter so I need someone who can simply:

    - Create a new project
    - Add my forms to the project
    - Change the startup object to my form
    - Save the project
    - Send it to me

    Anyone willing to help me out? Thanks.

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    you should be able to get it free from microsoft. They sent me a copy visual studio professional, sql , and biz rate 2005 for going to the launch for vs 2005. I know you can get a 6 month trial and microsoft is trying to be more developer friendly by giving full versions away for free. I'm sure i don't need to tell you their url. Good Luck

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    the express version is available for free
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