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Thread: MSWebDVD Active X control

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    MSWebDVD Active X control

    I'm pretty sure this is the best way to go abouts playing dvds. I've figured out some of the stuff (only played with it for about an hour or so) but what's gettin me right now, is how do i exit fullscreen mode? I can set the fullscreenmode property to true, but i can't double click/hit esc/alt-enter or anything to get it to come out of fullscreen mode. I also noticed that there's no click or double click events, so simply stretching the control to cover the whole form isn't going to work either, cause I won't be able to resize it back again. There's a couple of other things too, but this is what's bugging me for now. Any insight is greatly appreciated

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    I found the easiest way to do this is (using a touchscreen) is to use the GetAsyncKeyState API to detect a left mouse click, but only use it if the fullscreenmode = true then use it to set it back to false, that will allow you to tap the screen / single click anywhere to exit fullscreen.

    This might help

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