• History

    Founded in 1998, mp3Car has been a pioneering force in the mobile computing world; the accomplishments of our company and our community are a vibrant proof-of-concept for the potential of mobile computing. Within a year of its inception, our web-ring evolved into the mp3car.com Forums, which now host well over 100,000 members, comprising hardware engineers, software developers, car audiophiles, automotive installers and vendors. This collaborative environment helps us identify and solve real-world problems, and forms the backbone of our novel research and development style. The direct consequences of our efforts can be felt every day. We were popularizing mp3 players in automobiles two years before the appearance of the iPod; not only was this one of many times we advanced the industry by employing mobile technology in a ground-breaking way, it’s also how we got our name.

    As the forums grew, and member demand for cutting-edge technology increased, the community began creating its own products and solutions. To ensure convenient access to this emerging material, mp3Car provided a storefront and a laboratory, testing, selling, and developing these mobile computing components as quickly as our members could invent with them. Together we have solved fundamental, technical challenges – such as the complex of issues surrounding power for PCs in a mobile environment, and on-the-go access to media and information; we were a key contributor in the development of a 12-volt power supply, now the de facto standard in automobile and marine computing.

    Our position at the forefront of the technology gives us unique insight into the tools at hand, effectively eliminating lead time on new projects and allowing us to jump directly into development and prototyping without any lag for researching, sourcing and ordering the right products for the job.

    Our specialty and expertise has earned us a roster of clients known as world-class innovators. We helped Intel express their vision for the future of mobile computing and connectivity at a series of events spanning several years. Working in a joint collaboration with BMW and VW in 2007, we designed a demo for in-vehicle computing that was showcased at Salon, Europe’s largest auto show, in Geneva. More recently, we designed and deployed satellite-based mobile computing solutions for ICO and CLS. Many of these technical partnerships with industry leaders have grown into lasting relationships, which have proven valuable for our clients.

    Our broad-based resource pool and proven expertise have been sought out by customers in diverse industries across North America and Europe. In addition to the partnerships listed above, we count GM, MIT, NASA, General Dynamics and many others among our satisfied customers and clients. Let us leverage our knowledge to deliver a world-class mobile computing solution for your fleet of automobiles, ocean-going vessels or aircraft.