• Consulting

    Mp3Car’s immersion in the constantly-evolving world of mobile computing enables us to identify and create specific solutions for your unique environment. With years of multi-industry experience, and the benefit of cross-pollination from numerous successful projects, we are an ideal partner in developing the right solution for your mobile computing needs.

    No matter what the project requirements seem to be, our first step is to work with you in developing and honing the specific use case – making sure that the project parameters and expectations are firmly established.

    • What are you trying to do with this mobile computing project? What challenges have you identified?
    • What are the anticipated project quantities, timeline, deliverables and deployment schedule?
    • Specific software/OS/accessory/peripheral/connectivity needs (and related hardware requirements)?
    • What temperature, shock, and other environmental standards does the hardware need to meet?
    • What are your budget expectations?
    Based on these questions, mp3Car delivers a Project Analysis and Execution Plan, detailing an effective technology solution by identifying the fundamental business and technical goals and requirements.
    Mobile Computing Use Case: details the project’s business and technical goals; includes environmental and functional requirements, and budget, timeline and deployment expectations.

    Hardware Requirements: technical specifications, based on the Mobile Computing Use Case; includes a list of hardware components (with ratings and commentary) that must, should or may be part of the final solution.

    Risk Factors and Constraints: outline of potential challenges or constraints – and mitigation strategies – foreseen in solution delivery; examples include deployment environment, short lead times, multi-partner scheduling, integration issues, budget/timeline constraints.
    From here, we are ready to Design, Prototype, Manufacture and Deploy a tailored solution that fits both the overt technical requirements and the underlying business needs.