• Auto App Mart launches as the largest library for automotive applications.

    Auto App Mart launches as the largest library for automotive applications.

    New platform for crowdsourcing automotive application development from mp3Car.com is expected to advance telematics and make drivers more productive.

    Drivers expect a smartphone-like application experience, in the vehicle demanding access to a variety of helpful apps at little to zero cost.
    Crowdsourcing application development proved successful in the smartphone market, expected to deliver again.
    Auto App Mart from mp3Car offers OEMs, platform providers and others an opportunity to connect to the largest community in the world of auto application developers.

    Baltimore, MD September X, 2010 - Mp3Car is betting on your next car coming equipped with an in-dash computer. The success of Ford with the Sync, Genivi’s selection of MeeGo as a reference platform and Google’s entrance into telematics are clear indicators; in-vehicle infotainment is the new frontier in mobile computing.

    The challenge, however, will be to balance customer demands for functionality and customization with significant safety and security concerns. Due to the smartphone app store experience, access to a variety of applications that are free or close to free is now the norm. OEMs and key in-vehicle infotainment stakeholders are cognizant of the need for new business models and partners to deliver an engaging experience for the driver. OEMs are under pressure to deliver in-dash systems that drivers will prefer to use, rather than doc their iPad or smartphone.

    From Car Computing Hobbyists to Auto App Innovators
    Auto App Mart aims to partner with OEMs and platform providers to help drivers become more productive and better entertained on the road. Now that OEMs have successfully integrated platforms for innovation in the car, Auto App Mart seeks to support the crowd of Auto App innovators. Mp3Car.com’s community, the largest Auto App development crowd in the world, has mobilized around Auto App Mart.

    Heather Sarkissian, CEO of mp3Car explains the transition, “For almost ten years, our mp3Car community members have been dedicated to developing automotive applications for the global community of car computer hobbyists. We are all excited to see in-dash car computers moving into the main stream and ready to play a key role in advancing telematics innovation.”

    In response to the need for new business models Sarkissian continues, “ Crowdsourcing has proved to be the winning strategy for smartphone adoption. Auto App Mart is founded upon crowdsourcing Auto Apps that safely allow the driver to be more productive and better entertained while on the road.”


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