• Custom Mobile Systems

    Mp3Car’s immersion in the constantly-evolving world of mobile computing enables us to identify and create specific solutions for your unique environment. While the world is full of computing products, every project or implementation has its own set of challenges and requirements.
    CLS Success Story

    Our Process: We understand the technology, and our six-step approach translates your business goals into a custom-fit mobile computing solution.

    Project Analysis
    We listen to our customers’ needs, drawing on extensive experience to develop a Mobile Computing Use Case and an Execution Plan that meets their fundamental business goals.

    We employ a best-of-breed mesh of consumer and industrial products (including custom wiring/components and software), and perform in-house product testing to ensure our results.

    Prototype – R/D
    Once the specification is developed, we build a prototype to match and test against the mobile computing use case. This phase includes web conferencing, video demonstrations, or on-location customer approval, and formal acceptance.

    Mp3Car’s quality-controlled process provides quick turnaround and flexible manufacturing to meet dynamic volume and scheduling requirements; we can even hand the spec to a third-party manufacturer if required.

    For ease of deployment, mp3Car always provides a quick start guide, and offers further options for tailored installation manuals, training seminars/sessions, and on-site field deployment.

    Deployment is only the beginning of the product lifecycle; Mp3Car offers warranty and RMA commitments, along with extended support packages (including employee training and generational manufacturing).
    If you are looking for a new mobile computing product or solution, let us help. With our customer-intimate approach and proven solution process, you can rely on us.