• Technology Demos

    Immersed in the rapidly-evolving world of mobile computing, Mp3Car knows how to combine the amazing with the feasible to build exciting and substantive demos. Whether you're pursuing a marketing campaign or preparing for a tradeshow, Mp3Car can help you get the right kind of attention.
    Intel Success Story

    Our clients can always be assured of a product that showcases their brand and vision with technology that is fresh and exciting on the day of the demo. We work quickly, often in stealth mode”, to deliver working prototypes that capture the novelty of your concept for mobile computing.

    Building demos is stressful and time-consuming, calling on technology resources that most companies do not have internally; why not outsource the project to a specialist?

    Our Process: Mp3Car's strategy involves three phases, and we have refined our capabilities through several successful demos.

    Requirements Gathering
    A philosophy of customer intimacy and an immersion in the subject matter allow us to quickly understand what you're aiming for. Our resources partnerships with leading mobile technology innovators and a best-of-breed mesh of industrial and consumer components and experience common challenges, and the solutions we've already developed enable an incisive analysis of the project requirements.

    Brainstorming / Prototyping
    We determine the best hardware and methodology for your demo the most compelling way to tell your technology story on the stage. Once the general concept is laid out, we experiment, prototype, troubleshoot and repeat until the product is just right. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to build single demonstration and prototype units, or scale up for full production runs.

    Much of a successful demo is in managing the stress of a deadline, and coordinating the deployment effort that brings all of the moving parts together on the stage or showroom floor. We have led these efforts many times, and have the expertise and creativity that are required for success.
    Most product demos require the collaboration of internal marketing and technology departments. But Mp3Car knows how to wear both hats, understanding your marketing strategy and harnessing cutting-edge technology to tell your story and enhance your brand.

    Next time you're stuck with the challenge of building a demo, let us help!