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    7" vs. 8" monitors

    I have an 8" and its too dim at 400nit 600contrast. I should have suffered a brighter 7" instead of the dim 8".

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    You may want to check into what is necessary for your car. MOST of the GM front wheel drive cars have an engine cradle that the engine sits into and it

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    Johnny Kim

    ODBII with ELM 327.

    That would be the answer. I did install solei but removed it afterwards because cell call audio wouldn't work. I'll try this again and see how it works.

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    I would buy an engine stand and rent the hoist. Also a good Hayne's manual would be helpful too. Good luck SNO

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    External power button for windows tablet

    Hi and welcome to the forum! These disassembly instructions might help you get the thing open to see if you can solder on a couple of wires from existing

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