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    Forum Cleanup!

    There is quite a bit old, no longer applicable, posts in our forum. For this reason, I am removing old out-of-date posts. These will be "soft deleted"

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    Hi jfarrugia. There is only one full skin (named Default) for OpenMobile at this time. We are working on finishing the application first.

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    Want List | Requested Features

    Okay, so detlion and I are in agreement. Easily done. We didn't mean to imply that you were wondering if "you" could make one ;-)

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    Progress! And some screenshots.

    I would love for folks to have something to try. If they rest of the gang doesn't mind, I could try to have an unfinished app set up for download. But

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    Want List | Requested Features

    At the time I tapped out the above, my little one was busy climbing over me.

    I better clarify on the above because looking back there were

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