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    Maps with Windows 10

    Sorry Admin, can you please move this to the generic GPS forum... I am dumb...

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    Maps with Windows 10

    Not sure if anyone has tried or used the Maps that are built into Windows 10, but with the Microsoft push to make the OS seamless from desktop to smartphone,

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    Garmin Mobile PC 2014 Maps install - Success

    FYI Windows 10 : As expected, spoken street names mod works fine in Windows 10. For those new to this, here again is the one I put together. The file

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    2013 Taurus SHO worklog

    Tablet installed and wired to head-unit Aux Input. Flat USB cables were a total win.

    I found a nice place to tuck

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    Driveline on Windows 10...

    I'm just using the regular speech APIs. I also looked into Cortana integration, and it's all aimed at Windows Phone or Windows Store apps. Nothing for

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