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    Blown LSX c5 corvette droid

    ok so the car is all back together. I wont post pics until I get valve covers that I can mount my coils to. but I have been working on my tune. you can

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    Interesting mini windows pc's

    This is great! There's no moving parts, so vibration and shock won't be an issue. It's small enough that you could easily fit it behind the dash. And

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    Blown LSX c5 corvette droid

    one cool thing about doing a conversion as involved as this and being meticulous about it is you get to find and correct stuff like this. these two twisted

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    Android Phone "extension" for CarPC?

    Not that the size of my screen matters but Im running a 1280x 800 10.1' capacative screen and i couldnt imagine going back to a resistive screen..but

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    Interesting mini windows pc's

    These things usually come apart pretty easily compared to a tablet (for upgrades) and it would likely be easy to get access to the power on control line,

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