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    BT Mobilephone Plugin

    I get the same error message too when I try to make a call, this windows pops up.

    Also, anyone gettting in bleeding in of the main mobilephone

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    OK, weird things going on regarding volume, I decided to throw DL in the startup folder to check full boot times to music playing and I guess I had left

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    OK, I have all of the radios working, I'm not really sure specifically what I did, maybe HD was playing audio before and I didn't hear it. The output

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    In the Mixer screen in DriveLine, you wouldn't see a slider for "SPDIF", but there should be one for "Sirius", once I get around to

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    All hooked up.
    Sirius tuner to optical in on SB1240 (Set to Listen on Line in)
    HD tuner to analog Line on SB1240 (set to Listen & Default

    PhilG Today, 05:25 PM Go to last post
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