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    OK, Y'all catch me up. I'm lost.

    Tablets are the new thing here for sure.

    I'm a new guy, only built 2.5 carpc's so far, but I prefer windows box to tablet style. I did help

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    Android Phone "extension" for CarPC?

    It's true, the only pinching you'll do is in maps, or if you need to zoom in a browser.

    The firmware for the Chalk-Elec 7" (which I

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    2002 Ford Windstar Car Pc Build

    Looks great! What's the metal bulge on the console for?

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    car hvac project

    That is a really cool idea that I was thinking of doing. The reason I didn't is because when you're too hot/cold you want to change the temperature immediately,

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    In Dash or Not?

    I agree with rray, you want to design the carputer as if you'll be doing frequent modifications. I kind of wish I had put my carputer in the glovebox;

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