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    So, the key to writing software that can perform a data-merge and generate printed output is all in the WordWrapping and Justification.


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    50pin TTL to VGA/HDMI

    IC 201 is the formatter for the LCD display.
    The RGB signals are input as 6 bit, so the conversion of your RGB individual signals is upstream.

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    50pin TTL to VGA/HDMI

    I've read through the datasheet few times, but am still unsure what video format I'm dealing with and where to tap into the existing system.

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    Hardware Review: Echoman EM05 Heads-Up Display

    What is it?

    The Echoman EM05 is an OBD-II based Heads-Up Display unit which places key

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    Site updates - please stand by.

    Yeah, we were still doing a little work. The forum (archives) are now open. They are read-only, as we are now handling all support (formal and informal)

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