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    Leap Motion Coming in 2013

    Mine is in the junk box.

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    Leap Motion Coming in 2013

    After reading this the other day...i scoured gumtree and found one for $20..its coming tomorrow so i can have a play and see if its usefull

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    I've been researching those drives too. There are guys striping RAID0 with a PCIe 4X controller with 2 hyper x 480GB M.2 drives getting 1.5GBs writes

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    I mentioned last week that my SSD was failing.
    I updated the firmware on the SSD. Didn't help.
    I ran some SSD tool, which said my SSD had

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    OK, Y'all catch me up. I'm lost.

    Funny. Just mounted a tablet in my car and came back to see the software scene. Long time lurker... I see Frodo's name and its a blast from the past.

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