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Thread: Decent Socket P Heatsink

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    Decent Socket P Heatsink

    Socket P or Micro FCPGA heatsinks are hard to come by, it seems like the only ones I can find are similar to the CoolerMaster EPN-41CSS-01.

    Anyone else have a heatsink they know of that would fit this socket, but be a different style heatsink, and still decently low profile?

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    If you can find it a VGA heatsink and cooler or maybe a setup from a laptop may work.

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    Or mod a skived fin Socket462 heatsink.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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    yeah, I'd recommend a laptop heatsink.

    Mounting would be the problem with that.
    If you decide thats what you want to do though I can look through some for you, as I understand its not easy for most people to go through laptop model numbers and know if theyre socket P or not off the top of their head :P

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    Even though this is a bit late, consider the Nexus PSM5000 or PSM-2500 series for socket-P cooling.

    I use the PSM-5000, with very little airflow over it, it does an admirable job.

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