The goal of this project is to

#1 Support the development of open make maps by collecting map data via the Crowdsourced Map Data Collection App - CMDC app. Collecting the map data with this app and making it freely available will help projects like Open Street Map to reach their goals.
You can help by 1- giving us feedback about the app lambospirit has created and 2- using the MDCA and uploading your GPS tracks now.

#2 Turn the map data into actual maps that may be used for free by anyone.
You can help by getting involved and letting others know about this project. The sooner people start thinking about how to use the data to create maps, the better.

#3 Stretch Goal -Develop an Open Source Routing Engine so that navigation may become free for all.

mp3Car is supporting and leading this project because we believe that maps should ultimately be free and by crowdsourcing data collection and map and routing engine creation, this may be achieved. This is a forum project - if you have thoughts or expertise, please join in and help make maps free for all. If you have questions you may contact me.