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Thread: Palmer Performance Dash Command using my Bluetooth ELM

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    Palmer Performance Dash Command using my Bluetooth ELM

    I am currently running Centrafuse, and there are a few gauge options, but none compare to Palmer Performance Dash Command.

    In just a few days I was able to put together a Mazda RX-8 skin, with very little experience with this type of thing. I finally have a real speedometer =) along with a much more useful selection of gauges.

    I would highly recommend this program to utilize your ELM device.

    I still need to find a way to incorporate this program into Centrafuse, so if anyone has any ideas let me know!
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    What kind of refresh rate on the data are you seeing? Is it using proprietary codes, or are you still stuck at 12 sensor refreshes per second? (around 2 per second total with that many gauges).

    I wanted to try out their program, but it dosent let you connect to your car on the trial version, kinda turned me off to them unfortunatly.

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    Well for $25 bucks I was willing to give it a try... I dont know what the refresh rates are, I know that the ODBII plug in in Centrafuse sucked, so I went to this instead. Just seems a bit smoother and im really going for more of the "cool factor" on this than anything else.

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    Cool looking dashboard!

    BTW - we just released a new software version that now allows you to connect to the vehicle and monitor Engine RPM without a license key - it's a free download.
    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.

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    hey would you mind uploading the .dxl for this dash?

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