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Thread: Some custom dashboards (Mazda/MAZDASPEED)

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    Some custom dashboards (Mazda/MAZDASPEED)

    I finally put up a page with my custom DashCommand stuff, thought I'd post it here as there is not a lot of traffic on the Palmer forums. I have a MAZDASPEED 3, amber interior.

    Here's a dashboard designed to look more or less like the OEM gauges in the car, with some extra stuff:

    And here's a different flavor, which I made to look like an airplane (for whatever reason):

    And lastly, my skin, to match the rest of the interior color scheme and replace the somewhat clunky looking default skins:

    If you want, feel free to download it all from my personal Car PC project site. DashCommand stuff is at That page also has some details on the setup.

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    Nice dashboards

    Hi, just dropping a note to say that your dashboards looks fantastic.

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    Thanks, I appreciate that!

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