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Thread: Dashcommand PID values?

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    Dashcommand PID values?

    Does some have a list with the most common values, or even the available values?

    I'm not around the car right now, and I don't have PCMscan to scan my vehicle for available values..
    All i could find on the internet was #012 codes.. and in DashCommand I see codes like "SAE.IAT"

    I can figure out what that means (Intake Air Temperature) but I don't know how to figure out the other values..

    Turbo pressure / Vacuum, acc pedal, engine load.. Can someone help me out?


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    I think you can d/l the demo of PCMSCAN and scan for supported PID's
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    Yeah, you will want to download our ScanXL or PCMSCAN software to get this list. After you download it, you can go to the PID Config tab (from the Settings tab) to see all the PIDs available. If you haven't connected to the vehicle and validated the PIDs, you will probably want to uncheck the "Show only supported PIDs" checkbox.
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    I think i get the gist of the question though.

    Is there a table somewhere that tells us specifically what the mapping is between the SAE.XXXX values in the software, and the J1979 (or J2190 extended) PID values?


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