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Thread: possible to switch from kPa to bar

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    possible to switch from kPa to bar

    is it possible to switch the units of the PID "SAE.FRP_C" from "kPa" to "bar".

    Or is it otherwise possible to divide through 100 in the "Formt String" of the DashXL Editor.
    For example:
    now the "Format String"-Option is %.1f and I get 4300kPa. But I want to get 4.3 bar.
    How can I do this?

    Please excuse my bad english, I'm from Germany...

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    Hi j_s_r,

    Unfortunately you can't do simple arithmatic within the DashXL Editor to convert kPa to bar but I do have a solution for you.

    All you need to do is write a very simple script that takes the metric value from SAE.FRP_C and divides it by 100. You would then use the script as the PID in the dashboard.

    For example, a script called SCRIPT.FRP_C_bar would be:

    Obdii.PidValueMetric = Obdii.PidValue.GetDataValueMetric("SAE.FRP_C") / 100;
    Obdii.PidValueEnglish = Obdii.PidValue.GetDataValueEnglish("SAE.FRP_C");
    and you would use SCRIPT.FRP_C_bar in DashXL editor instead of SAE.FRP_C

    You need to create the script in ScanXL (an unregistered version works fine) then export it. You then need import the script into the latest version of DashCommand.

    BTW allowing simple math on PIDs with a dashboard is on our 'to do' list but until then using scripts is the only way.

    Hope this helps.


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    perfect... it works.
    thanks alot!!!

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