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Thread: DashCommand hangs PC standby

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    DashCommand hangs PC standby

    I don't use DashCommand all that much (more of a novalty than need) but find that if DashCommand is active and I turn the car off (put computer to sleep) the computer starts going down but locks attempting to standby. My system ultimately hard powers off the computer after 30 seconds but obviously this is not ideal. Anybody else find this issue?

    I'm thinking my solution will be to have my .net program (which gets told by my arduino that it is initiating a standby sequence) check if dashcommand is running and kill it; preferably cleanly.

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    this thread is really old, but i just faced the same problem: i'm still using an older dashcommand release and have embedded it in the startscreen of rr. when i reboot the system and dashcommand starts the first time, everything is fine. but it prevents the computer going in hibernate mode, too! screen gets black but computer is still running

    has anyone an idea how to fix that? or have you dmcdlrn managed this? thx

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