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Thread: Does SD support Flash Objects

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    Does SD support Flash Objects

    Does SD support Flash 8 files: .SWF? I have some .SWF files that I communicate with via VB using SetVariable and FSCommand. VBscript supports these functions but I can't load the .SWF file. I looked for Flash 8 information but can't find any? If not is this something that might be supported a future release? Thanks.

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    There no direct way to do this. You can embed a window though that contains flash. THere is an example of embedding on the wiki. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Quote Originally Posted by god_of_cpu View Post
    THere is an example of embedding on the wiki.
    Can you point me to this embedded example? I have looked on the wiki and can't seem to locate it.

    Also, is there a API reference for developers. I see much talk of accessible functions in Streetdeck, but I would like a full list of what's available.

    I have studied and tinkered with all of the available Digimods, and I really like the development environment. It pretty damn easy to develop for Streetdeck. It makes me wonder why there are not tons of Digimods available. I am currently finishing up a few myself, and will share them when they are completed.

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