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Thread: GPS Tracking

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    GPS Tracking

    I currently use CoPilot Truck 9. One feature I really like is the "Live" feature, which allows people to "track" me. When they track me, it shows my current location on a map (web), my destination and my ETA. They can also send me messages with which I can respond via up to 4 choices (they can set the responses).

    Any chance of something like this with a StreetDeck mod? I know that a full-time internet connection is required. I have a Sprint Aircard, so that's not a problem as I have an internet connection about 98% of the time.

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    There are so many pieces of software ont he market that do this, it's not very practical to add into SD, as fa as I'm concerned.

    GPSGate does this, and the software is quite reasonable. I got it free with my GPS receiver.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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