Reading in the Media Manager sample, It says that It is easier to create GUI components in the SDK and then use them from the Addin. I cannot really see how to do this.

Can I create functions in my addin .NET code that can show up in the SDK and be used from there?

My current mission is to create a mixer fr the HQCT. Most people use the HQCT as a radio ONLY, but in my build, I want it to be the default mixer. And since there is no driver for windows to get it to be your default sound unit, I though of messing with streetdeck to make my mixer addin "replace" the existing volume settings.

So I'm creating a new overlay looking just like UserOverlay9 (the volume overlay) and have that call my mixer module for advanced settings.

After that, it's just to create a media manager for the radio functions.

It would be nice if the integrated Radio media manager supported more than tune up/down seek up/down. Like RDS, AF Setting, etc. Any guess on when this will be coming?

I know that the SDK isn't prioritized, but It seems to crash a lot due to errors that could just as well be "handled", like missing images etc.

And finally another question, In my quest for a new mixer, how can I get Sliders to show up with the UP and DOWN buttons like in the integrated mixer?.. I can only get EQ style sliders with the UP and DOWN Hidden and in very strange locations...

Anyways, super software!.. Needs some more tweeking to be EU, Metric and national character friendly though.. (Road speeds in GPS, hint hint..)