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Thread: BMW IBus Digital Mod

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    BMW IBus Digital Mod

    Main post here:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I bring you the IBus Digital Mod (for BMW owners)

    Here are the details:
    1. Steering wheel buttons control volume, next/previous track, toggle mute, toggle play
    2. If autodim is enabled Day/Night mode will be set when the lights turn on, note you must have the automatic lights option on
    3. If Speed Volume Control is enabled, volume will be adjusted up as you go faster, 5 levels of sensitivity
    4. The PC time will automatically be set when the OBC time message is received
    5. Outside and coolant temperature readings, as well as speed and RPMs
    6. Many more messages are available but not used. Feel free to suggest usage, or modify the DigiMod.

    You will need Rolf Resler's IBus interface (
    You can download the DigiMod from my website:

    Suggestions, bug reports, and donations are always appreciated!

    Please note: there is a bug in StreetDeck where the settings don't seem to be persisted after restart of SD (
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