Drivers Log - System to keep track of Business and Personal Mileage
This is a brand new mod. It tracks mileage for business and personal use. To use it, simply start the mod, tap "Start" and it will start tracking mileage. Tap the Personal/Business tab to flip between Business and Personal. When you reach your destination, click "stop", then the record button to save the trip. If you don't want to save the trip, click stop. Fairly straight forward and intuitive.

Version 2.02
  • Bug fix-No Entries Found label was not disapearing properly when records found
Version 2.01
  • Bug fix-starting up for the first time was not creating the Drivelog folder
Version 2.0
  • Added "Notes" section to take notes for each trip when saved
  • Moved log files to c:\DriveLog
  • Updated naming convention to DriveLog_YYYYMM.txt for log file. Changes each month
Version 1.5
  • Updated app to include an overlay with tracking controls. Bug was found in earlier version where tracking would stop when not in the module. This change enables the tracking module to always be running.
Version 1.01
  • Fixed calculation bug in feet per second from mph.
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release
If you use the mod, a donation in any amount is greatly appreciated, but of course is not mandatory. Again, it is just greatly appreciated!

Download Link and more info