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Thread: StreetDeck Language Definition File

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    StreetDeck Language Definition File

    The following is the IDL file for StreetDeck that describes every function and structure that can be used in the development enviornment to access StreetDeck.

    This IDL file is for version

    Some of the geo* enumerations are yet unused in StreetDeck as they are taken directly from the mappoint sdk. Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
    The Official StreetDeck Forums have moved, please visit us at for official support for Streetdeck.

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    Can we get an update of this file please?...

    Also, how does one go about to get the method/function descriptions from the .idl file to show up inside of Visual Studio (like for native functions/methods)? (I'm an Eclipse guy, so I am struggling somewhat with Visual Studio)..


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