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Thread: Question About Dynamic Overlay Text

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    Question Question About Dynamic Overlay Text

    I want to develop a program that can send a popup message to the driver while driving. The kind of thing that says "You have an appointment at 3:00pm".

    I thought I would do this by designing the popup as an overlay (UserOverlay0), and then getting that overlay to display from the external app.

    Now I know you can get an external application to display that overlay using the API function (eFunctionOverlay0).

    What would be the best approach to changing that text from an external application? I want the actual text to the driver to change based on what I need to say to him.

    I'm sorry if I am not explaining myself clearly. If you need more clarification in order to answer, please reply and I'll try to elaborate.

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    You shouldn't use any of the user overlays. These exclusivly used for skinning. If you want to add functionality to StreetDeck, you should create a new script project, then create a new scripted overlay. In that scripted overlay, you will have to have a COM object or some other means of communicating with your external app from the script.

    To do this.
    1. Create a COM object that communicates with your external application

    2. Create a global variable in the overlay script to store the object instance.

    3. Load the COM object in the OnCreate event of the overlay and store it in the global instance.

    4a) Either do the event hack I posted in the COM object example to send events to loaded COM object to the scripting engine.


    4b) Create a timer that will go off every second or so and poll your COM object for changed data.

    5. Create labels or whatever controls you want using the toolbox to show the changed data on your overlay and update it when your data changes. You can hide or show the overlay itself using the hide or show methods of the overlay

    Dim g_oCOMObject
    'DESC: event OnCreate - Called after the panel is created, return FALSE if there was a problem creating the panel
    Function Overlay_OnCreate()
    	Set g_oCOMObject = CreateObject("COMObject.MyObject")
    	Overlay.SetTimer 1, 1000
    End Function
    'DESC: event OnTimer - Sent when an application timer elapses
    Function Overlay_OnTimer(nIDTimer)
               iNewValue = g_oCOMObject.GetDataValue
               lblValue.Caption = iNewValue
               if iNewValue = 10 then
                       Overlay.Show TRUE
               End if
    End Function Developer (I am Chuck)
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