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Thread: Youtube streaming in SD

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    Maybe it is just me, but I have had issues with getting the bandwidth to just play music (depending on the music service). Is EVDO really where we want it to be at in order to play videos? I was one who was pretty excited when I was able to use evdo with my car (even though my phone requires a hard reset after I do it - stupid phone), but I have found that EVDO is still one of those new technologies that sorry to say, is less then ample for your demanding consumer? Anyone else played with EVDO and actually been impressed or happy with it? I personally use Verizon which is *supposed* to be ahead of the curve.

    xv6700 phone, tethered with pdanet over usb

    -Honestly, the usefulness of EVDO has actually killed a lot of my interest in finishing the mod projects I started, but maybe some of the connectivity issues etc is due to my phone? That would be unfortunate as I love this phone...

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    I use Verizon EVDO and have excellent service in DC for streaming cd quality from Launchcast and streaming live tv from my Orb server at home. Of course if I am travelling outside of the area the performance drops.

    I did have major issues using a PC5740 card...dropped connections and seems like the content got filtered a lot...even without using their vzaccess software.

    I switched to the USB 720 by sierra and now its excellent.

    I await the mod...please put me down as a beta tester!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpmat007 View Post

    I await the mod...please put me down as a beta tester!!!
    There is no need to develop the youtube plugin anymore, it will probably be a part of next SD update.

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    I have SD and I don't see this YouTube viewer? Is this still active or dead or ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by debugger View Post
    Is this in the grave or what?

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