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Thread: Hqct .net Addin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bseosoo View Post
    after installing and manually regging the dll's my SD wont start
    resulting in an error stating that button.misc.nofocus.png
    Hmm, me too.

    Pogitalonx, won't you release source code, so we might see what's happening, maybe even fix it?


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    ok, after a tough summer of working i finally pulled myself together and decided to move on with the project;
    simply creating the missing png-file in the skin dir, solved it, DOH!
    what was I thinking?
    just have to figure out the look of the png for it not to look nasty...

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    after a while of trying to get in touch with pogi about a tuning issue, i stumbled across this:
    i'll be looking into this as an alternative as soon as i get some time to do it
    the addin is still in beta but there seem to be some recent activity about it.

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