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Thread: MobiePhone Plugin for all engines !

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    Sep 2004
    Samsung S105 via USB serial port @ 115200
    Program runs. Announces that the phone has been detected, shows green text, 100% battery & signal. Then it goes red a short while later, then the 100%'s switch to ?'s.

    I can right click and get a menu. About does nothing. Send bug report opens an outlook express mail talking about build 0.81. Is the link in the first post correct?
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    i think your phone never connected at all, try turning on bluetooth then run phoneplugin, the first 4 seconds should show you on a black screen that it connected and imports your phonebook list. if it doesnt do that then check your port
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    It looks fine.
    That what I was looking for.
    I have tested it with my SE T610 and found some problems:

    I have to connect the audio gateway by my own. It doesn't do it automatically.
    The audio gateway doesn't work fine. My computers loudspeakers don't work (but without starting this plugin, with winxp they work fine). I have also this problem with PhoneControl, and I don't know why.
    I have tried not getting a call and the plugin lost connection with the phone (I needed to restart the plugin).
    Outgoing calls didn't work (I will not need this, I am not going to make a call while driving, only receive).

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    May 2005
    do you need a bluetooth phone for this to work? or will a regular usb to phone cable work too. I have a Sanyo PM8200

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    Hey guys. This is the first time i've seen this program and i started playing around with it. I installed it. Configured my phone (via IR because that's all i have) and told the program what com port it was. It connected and showed a black screen. When i called it, it said RING, just like it does in Hyperterminal. Clicking hte Red bar does nothing, and clicking the Blue bar makes it minimize and i can't get it back w/o killing it in task manager and running it again. Am i missing something here? Does it need frodoplayer or to run?
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    quick question?
    I would like to talk with the caller without headset but thru a microhpone connected on PC it possible if i connect a bluetooth donngle on CARPC and using the plugins ?

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    Hi Dragon,

    I just have one question. Is it possible to change the AT-Commands sent to the phone? For example when the command AT+CBC is sent my phone returns: error, AT+CBC? returns: +CBC: 0,81. Your program seems very easy to use and looks like it has great potential.


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    Hi there,

    is there a list of phones this does/does not work with?

    I've tried it with a motorola v3 razr and a nokia 6310i both with no luck at all??

    for the razr i've tried it via bluetooth and usb cable

    for the 6310i i've tried bluetooth only.

    please someone let me know if they have managed to get this working ok?

    I'm using a trust usb bluetooth dongle which works ok for everything else.

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    Now, I'm not able to make it work (but I did it in the past!!!).
    Can someone tell me what "protocol" uses SE T610:
    parity, data bits, data rate...

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    Unhappy Didn't work with Nokia 6820 BT.

    It didn't work with Nokia 6820 on Bluetooth... It conected to the phone and displayed some AT comands, but the behavior was the same as with warnockm - Clicking red did nothing, clicking blue made the window disappear and I had to kill the process (which was using 100% cpu). The app didn't pop up or anything when I rang the phone (only RING on the terminal display)...

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