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Thread: New FM radio Plugin for all engines !

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonBTV
    wow, that's a very encouraging response...
    [HW] 566eMHz/128mb/6gb, FlyVideo3k, RandMgps, M1-ATX, 7" Lilliput, VGA2AVadptrFor2ndVideo, 4CH/100rms, 10"Sub, 40AhDeepCycleTank
    [SW] XP/MMC/FP:D3,FlyTV/AxifeFM,CarMM?
    [Working on] puttingBackEvrythg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanbas
    no it doesnt work with winfast xp2000 deluxe, i just installed it adn it woldnt do it, kept saying install Axife FM Player, SO i guess it only works for "Axife FM Player Delux 2.35 and above" as stated earlier on one of the other posts. I thought it might work b/c it says "for all engines"
    I have same tv/fm card as you can you help me, i want use radio in RR, i donīt need tv.
    can you write me some your tips...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stric
    first I must say you have made very useful plug-in's. I have used TV and works great.
    I am trying to use FM plug-in but I have one problem. I am having this error all the time so I just can't change the station.
    P.S.: I am using it with axife and it works without your plug-in.
    please edit the station.txt file and change the station frequancy to your local FM station

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    No way!!1 look who is here, Mr vaporware

    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

    Quote Originally Posted by bgoodman
    We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.

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    i m new member here...can u show me some hardware for connect the fm ah?

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