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Thread: Anyone had problems with picture dissapearing? Works on M10000?

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    About the mute button...... thats 'cause you have the adio settings to control the wave change to control line-in an that is it!!

    THE s-video part I have problems too but the thing with mine is that I don't see anything..... i know I have to play around more to make it work.

    P.S: I have a MII 12k by the way.

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    You know I had a camera plugged into the s-video port, using a RCA to s-video adapter. But I don't know what the other plugin is. Although in the Hauppage window, I had to select video1 instead of s-video to get the signal. I guess because of the adapter, don't know. So apparently it has 4 inputs, but I only see two video inputs. Trying to find how to use the others, although I have all the other inputs on the screen itself. When I pulled it up in the Hauppauge window, it looked fine, black and white though, but it was blurred beyone recognition, almost as if it was all fuzz when using the plugin. You could barely make out the fact that there was even a picture coming through. I only knew it becuase there was a light in the center of the camera, and I could see the light being blurred out when I waved my arm in front of it. If it wasn't for that, I would have thought it was just fuz. I have been playing around with some options in both apps but with no success. It could be because of the player, or because of my adapter, the one that came with the card, or just the card with that app, win2000. If I get it, Ill let you know. Don't know if you saw it, im sure you did. But there are keyshortcuts in win2000 that can be mapped to girder or the mini keyboard that I have on my shifter. I finally figured out how to get every command in frodo and in the tvplugin along with all the commands for the Hauppage player with a 16 button remote. Actually the one that came with my lilliput screen. If you need any help with that, let me know. Ive been playing with that thing for days trying to get the same button to do multiple tasks for different apps, but I got it down.
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