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Thread: Phidgets app ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    That would be awesome to set a phidget to trigger digital output for say "going over 80mph", "decelerating too fast", "tire pressure too low", and stuff like that.

    Mabe we can create a list of things that are trigger able like that.

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    Tire pressure warning -- Definitely.

    Going over 80 -- Really? 80? I'd say no warning until 120mph or so. But then again, I'm in Michigan. If you're not doing at least 80 in the fast lane here, someone might pass you on the shoulder.

    But yeah, we could probably come up with some predefined conditions for warning or alerts.

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    I just bought an old beater of a motorhome, so who knows what I will need my phidgets to do now. My mind is racing thinking of all my possiblities with this rig. I will start a new worklog just for it. SNO
    I can see DriveLine getting into the home-automation world. I'm hoping to buy a house soon, and have ideas for sensors and automation... One day, DriveLine will make me French Toast in the morning.

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    TPMS already exposes low/high pressure alert, high temp alert we just need away to set it inside Driveline. I have seen the bottom line on the tpms page show low pressure instead of normal or unknown. maybe that could just be a popup. Driveline is already in my Cabana. SNO

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