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Thread: Your location on a map based platform

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    I'm along the lines of the internet not being too common either. But, couldn't you just log stuff locally and when a connection to the net can be made (or your server) then send and parse the logs. Might not be the absolute best way to go, but it reaches more of the users. Then again, is it for fleet stuff mostly, not sure how many here are tracking rigs around lol...
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    I started something like this, and have a very basic tracking map on my server.

    However at present I use GPSPort's site and my iDrive skin for RR uploads coords to that. (It can also do it to my server).

    I did start off planning on doing it on my server with a view to also releasing the code so someone could host on their own servers, but then got side tracked with other projects.

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    Well the good thing is you don't need to have a fleet of rigs to use this, It could be for records or just for the wife to keep tab's on you. The good thing is that the server is already up and operational. It does not have to be just used for DL it could be used for any FE out there as long as someone makes the client side for each FE. OpenGTS is open source and is java based. SNO

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