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Thread: Fuel Prices and Traffic cams

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    Fuelprices was never really in Driveline.

    I just did a beta version which Sno and Clockwork had a copy of.

    To work I need to add code to the main source.

    And now I am many versions out of date.

    I could just add fixed code for Fuelprices to work, but ideally I want to add code that would allow my other plugins to work.

    Also so others can do plugins.

    Unfortunately my coding mojo and enthusiasm has waned.

    I really need to set up a coding area at home. . . . . .again.

    *edit Actually, maybe now windows 10 is out I might be bale to start with a clean slate. Hmmm?

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    Well all we can do is send out good thoughts and hopes to encourage your return to home coding. (Also thanx for ALL the work you have already done).

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