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Thread: SpeedFan plugin

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    SpeedFan plugin

    is it possible to add to driveline?
    I'm saying cause I'm building a new rig with an i7 and a lowprofile cpu cooler and would like to keep an eye on the temps :-)
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    I stand corrected, I just tried it and it won't scale to the window. It does work but only it's own size window. under settings SNO
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    There is another way to do it, with Phidget Anilog Input and a temperature sensor. Clockwork showed how we can customize code to read Phidget data, so you can modify the main screen code for say the "Exit" button to read the analog input and if it is greater than a certain temperature, change the background color to red or something.

    There are probably lots more ways too.

    By the way, my new carpc is also an I7 with a low profile fan, and mine is fit inside a voom2pc case, so monitoring the cpu temperature is something I will want as well.

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