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Thread: Skin Editing Questions

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    Skin Editing Questions

    Hi guys . I am writing this thread as i found it hard to edit the skin of the driveline and i could use some help . So in this thread i ( or everybody else ) could ask for tips or easy ways of doing some editing.

    I know it is xml and probably you would say if you dont know dont mess with it but i would like to have some things in a different way.

    So in driveline --> settings --> skin settings --> icon text colors you can change the color text of the first screen . Is there any way to do it through xml and keep it's setting? Cause no matter what i do in the Skin_Config.xml it keeps reverting to white .

    Thanks guys.

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    I use Notepad++ to edit the .xml files. I make a copy of my file before starting, then open it up and experiment.

    So far I have changed colors, changed start and end locations of objects, changed transparancies, and changed objects to visible or not visible to build up the screen changes I wanted. if you have dual screens, remember to change the screen2 file the same as the screen file so both screens look the same.

    The biggest changes come from making all new buttons to match my theme, and saving them with the name of the original button, and changing the background pictures.

    You can use animated icons if you want, I just have the logo animated on my current Resident Evil theme.

    I save all my files under the skin folders in my own skin folder and use that skin in driveline settings.

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